Business Ethical Management
A Historic and Respected Company

Hanil Holdins actively engages in ethical and sharing business practices to establish an honest and integral corporate culture.

In order to become a historic and
respected company
Hanil Holdings aims for
sustainable business management based on
creativity and innovation in order to become a historic and respected company.

Growing under the half-century of industrial development in Korea, Hanil Holdings strives to engage in sustainable management practices based on creativity and innovation, in order to become a historic and respected company. With a goal to earn respect from the people, Hanil is practicing healthy business management summarized by the concepts: sharing, ethics, and innovation. Through sustained growth, Hanil seeks to make contributions to social and economic development, in addition to benefiting the humanity in general. In order to not only survive in the rapidly changing business environment, but also attain sustained growth, Hanil will care for the natural environment and local communities while demonstrating leadership in business and service sectors to find a better path for the future.