Ethical Management

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Sustainable Growth and Development

Hanil Holdings will compete in a transparent and fair manner
to continue its sustainable growth.

Hanil Holdings is actively promoting transparent business management practices to establish an honest and fair corporate culture. The company has been continuing activities to prevent fraudulent and collusive behaviors by its executives and employees while making an effort to comply with all laws and regulations. In addition, an electronic accounting system, more transparent accounting policies, and nonexecutive directors work to enhance the financial soundness of Hanil Holdings. Ethical Behavior Rules were enacted in June 2003, to delineate the value standards expected from the executives and employees, as well as to provide guidelines for ethical business behaviors.
01. Legal Compliance
  • - In conducting business, comply with all laws and regulations in Korea and other overseas business regulations, in addition to respecting the local norms of commercial transaction
02. Respect for the Free Competitive Market Order
  • - Respect the competitive market order in Korea and abroad, in accordance with the principles of the free competitive market economy.
  • - Compete in good faith when dealing with other companies in the same industry, based on mutual respect and fairness, while engaging in fair competition activities.
  • - Collect and utilize business information in a fair manner complying with local laws and norms of commercial transaction, while refraining from infringing on the profits of competitors or taking advantage of their weaknesses.
03. Fair business performances
  • - We perform all the works fairly and try to make healthy business culture.
  • - Do not receive any form of benefits from stakeholders like money, treats or accommodations to obstruct fair judge relevant to work. But, socially accepted cases are exception.
04. Contribution to Social Development
  • - Fulfill corporate social responsibilities by generating employment, doing due diligence in regard to tax reports and payments, and executing educational, cultural, and social service projects.