About Hanil Holdings

A Change to Elevate the Corporate Value

Hanil Holdings will continue its effort for
sustained growth and development.

Hanil is working to enhance transparency and fortify
competitiveness under
the holding company system.

In order to enhance the transparency of its corporate governance and to elevate corporate value, Hanil Cement reorganized under a holding company system in July 2018, establishing the overall governance of Hanil Holdings.
The holding company owns highly competitive affiliates in various business areas including construction material (Hanil Cement, Hanil Hyundai Cement, Hanil Industrial, and Hanil Logistics&Construction Materials),
Construction (Hanil Development), Leisure (Seoul Land, Skyranch), Trade (Hanil International), Investment (Hanil VC).

Hanil is enhancing the
investment value and stability
by building a sustainable foundation for growth.

Hanil Holdings established a governance structure that enables the affiliate companies to benefit from swift and professional decision-making by the holding company, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in various business areas.
In addition, the staff members at Hanil are working together to provide better shareholder value by establishing a sustainable foundation for growth that is based on competent and stable financial operation.