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Construction materials

한일시멘트 사진 Hanil Cement

Selected as “The Most Respected Company in Korea” in the cement industry for twentieth consecutive years, Hanil Cement is equipped with a system for supplying construction materials in an integrated manner. The company offers products such as Portland Cement, made with sixty years of know-hows, Remicon, whose supply system is highly optimal for the clients, and Remitar, a finishing material line composed of specialized products for various uses.

한일현대시멘트 사진 Hanil Hyundai Cement

Hanil Hyundai Cement was put under the Hanil umbrella in July 2017. The cement company began when its Danyang Plan opened in 1964,
and continued its development with the completion of Yeongwol Plant in 1992, showcasing a factory equipped with the latest facilities and systems giving rise to the highest efficiency in the industry. Today, Hanil Hyundai Cement is capable of producing 7.5 million tons of cement and 2.4 million tons of slag cement.

한일산업 사진 Hanil Industrial

Hanil Industrial, founded in 1974 as a part of the Daegwallyeong Ranch Project, diversified its business areas and reached out to supply concrete admixture, organic add-ons for concrete, and remicon products. Furthermore, Hanil Industrial is contributing to the development of Korean construction industry by providing high-quality remicon products while completely satisfying client timelines, which is enabled by a remicon supply network composed of nine branches located across Korea.

한일건재 사진 Hanil Logistics&Construction Materials

Hanil L&C is a basic construction material distributor that supplies cement and secondary cement products ranging from cement paving products to bulk, remitar, and remicon. The company has a distribution network that supports the timely delivery of products required in housing and civil engineering construction projects, as well as a wide range of high-quality products.



서울랜드 사진 Seoul Land

The first theme park to open in Korea in 1988, Seoul Land is now one of the three top entertainment parks in Korea. In addition to fantastic attractions, Seoul Land offers various facilities and programs such as a swimming pool, sledding slopes, and character-themed areas all year round. Seoul Land is also actively engaging in food and beverage businesses..

하늘목장 사진 Skyranch

Skyranch opened in September 2014 as the first “nature-accommodating” activity farm in which guests can experience the nature while spending time with horses, goats, and sheep. This corporate ranch representing Korea is home to four hundred milk cows, two hundred sheep for wool, and twenty horses who live under a “nature and ecology circulation system.”



한일인터네셔널 사진 Hanil International

Newly launched in October 2018, Hanil International specializes in trading various resources products such as coal, oil and natural gas as well as machinery and components needed in industrial fields with a number of domestic and foreign customers. The company is also engaged in logistics business involving freight transport and loading, and is staffed by dedicated people who make every effort to achieve sustainable development.



한일VC 사진 Hanil VC

Hanil VC, whose history started in November 2022, is a CVC (corporate venture capital) founded under the holding company system and launched with the core value of virtuous-cycle investments through which Hanil and the venture company grow together. In addition to creating synergy with existing companies under Hanil, it will actively find and invest in companies with huge growth potential in terms of sustainable future technology; thus not only securing the new growth engine for the future of Hanil but also contributing to fostering venture companies that will lead the country’s new businesses and industries of the future.